Business Areas

Business Areas

Ngai Cau Building and Commercial Invesment Co., Ltd was established in 2004 from a mechanical factory operated since 2001. All of the products are controlled by quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Our company’s business areas include “Manufacture and supply of structural steel products for mechanical engineering, electricity, telecommunication and transport”. Our products include:

  • Power transmission Steel tower for electricity, television and telecommunication
  • Steel beams, collars, bolt, earthing rod… for transmission lines, substations
  • Anchor bolts M16 M24, M27, M36, … M90
  • Pillars for substations and substation equipment of 110-220-500KV
  • Prefabricated steel buildings
  • Solar panel mounting bracket
  • Base Transceiver Station
  • Electric ladder
  • Lighting pole
  • Other mechanical products

We provide services such as hot dip galvanization and delivery to construction site if needed by the customers.

Electric Power Transmission Steel Tower

Steel power transmission tower is one of our company’s major products. With the thorough understandings of products and hardship of workers at the construction site, exact processing and manufacturing for high qualified installation is our top concern.

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Steel beam, collars, earthing rod

Steel beam and collars are used to pull, support, anchor wires to transmit and supply electricity for factories, industrial parks, municipal areas and residential areas

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Anchor Bolt from M24 to M90

Anchor bolt is the element that helps the column and the pole firmly position on the ground. Bolted steel is tested to ensure the correct steel grade, the strength of steel before processing. Gear hobbing is not used at bolt threads according to Vietnamese National Standards (TCVN) specified in the work design.

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Pillars for substation and substation equipment from 110 to 220-500KV

The steel pillars can be made of steel U, H, L, I depending on the design. The materials used for the manufacture are of clear origin.

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Prefabricated Steel Building

Prefabricated Steel Buildings: are kinds of buildings made of steel components and are manufactured and installed in accordance with the designated architectural drawings and technologies.

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Electric Ladder

Electric ladder are used for the installation of power lines and cables in factories, schools, clinics, condominiums, buildings …

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Cột Chiếu Sáng

Cột đèn được thiết kế theo hình tròn côn  hoặc hình bát giác côn có độ cao 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m… 17m. Cột dùng để chiếu sáng cho đường giao thông và các khu đô thị.

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Base Transceiver Stations and Accessories

Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is a type of column built to hold BTS equipment and used in communications and informatics.

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We highly appreciate Ngai Cau Company for their ability of schedule satisfaction. When we needed their products for an urgent order to troubleshoot and repair the power lines, Ngai Cau served to their best. No matter how big the works is, Ngai Cau is always enthusiastic. Their attitude towards customers has helped us gain our clients’ satisfaction. We always highly appreciate and recommend Ngai Cau to other companies

Mr Tran Van Bo
Director, Industrial Power Construction Company