Job opportunities in Ngai Cau Mechanical Company

In Ngai Cau company, we strongly believe in the maturity of each member over time and through their experiences during working. We are always looking forward to the participation of truly-aspiring candidates, aspiring to work for their own development associated with the common orientation and development of the company..

Join us for a dynamic, enthusiastic and engaging environment!

Just become a member in Ngai Cau Mechanical family to make your dream come true!
Work with us to build up a factory that makes our next generations proud!

  • Đúng chuyên môn, sở trường của mình?
  • Có bản mô tả công việc rõ ràng?
  • Có mục tiêu cụ thể?
  • Một môi trường thỏa sức sáng tạo, tôn trọng ý kiến nhân viên?

Rights and responsibilities

  • Be trusted and empowered?
  • Be trusted and empowered?
  • Be properly evaluated and recognized?
  • Have opportunities to improve yourself and to participate in different training courses?
  • To be entitled to all the prescribed regimes in accordance with the law such as health insurance, social insurance, annual health checks, vocational travelling and holidays according to the regulations of the Government, etc.?

List of vacancies

Vị trí Nơi làm việc Bộ phận Ngày
Tuyển dụng Nhân viên Kế toán Kho March 5, 2018
Tuyển dụng Công nhân cơ khí 2018 March 5, 2018
TUYỂN DỤNG KẾ TOÁN TRƯỞNG 2018 March 5, 2018
Tuyển dụng nhân viên kỹ thuật 2018 March 5, 2018
Tuyển dụng nhân viên kinh doanh 2018 March 5, 2018
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We highly appreciate Ngai Cau Company for their ability of schedule satisfaction. When we needed their products for an urgent order to troubleshoot and repair the power lines, Ngai Cau served to their best. No matter how big the works is, Ngai Cau is always enthusiastic. Their attitude towards customers has helped us gain our clients’ satisfaction. We always highly appreciate and recommend Ngai Cau to other companies

Mr Tran Van Bo
Director, Industrial Power Construction Company