Steel beam, collars, earthing rod

Steel beam, collars, earthing rod

Steel beam and collars are used to pull, support, anchor wires to transmit and supply electricity for factories, industrial parks, municipal areas and residential areas.

With more than fifteen-year experience on manufacturing steel beam, our product is ensured not only technical aspect for easy installation but also aesthetic aspect.

All of the welds and punched holes are cleaned up carefully without bavia before being hot dip galvanized. Supplies for manufacturing steel beams have obvious origin and are checked carefully about their shape and dimensions before being stored and physically tested prior to fabrication.

After finish, all of our products are bound and baled for convenient delivery to customers. Earthing rods are widely used in power, telecommunication and construction etc. to ensure the safety of equipment and works as well as human beings while using electricity and in case of lightning

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We highly appreciate Ngai Cau Company for their ability of schedule satisfaction. When we needed their products for an urgent order to troubleshoot and repair the power lines, Ngai Cau served to their best. No matter how big the works is, Ngai Cau is always enthusiastic. Their attitude towards customers has helped us gain our clients’ satisfaction. We always highly appreciate and recommend Ngai Cau to other companies

Mr Tran Van Bo
Director, Industrial Power Construction Company