The lighting pole

The lighting pole is designed in conical or octagonal shape with the height of 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m … 17m. Poles are used for lighting on roads and in urban areas.

Heights are constructed according to the design of the works used to bring high aesthetic value. The thickness of the pole can be 2 cups; 2,5; 3 ; 3.5 … depending on the requirements of the investor.

The lighting pole can be linked or separated rod with patterned types. To fabricate lighting poles, after cutting the corrugated iron sheet according to fixed sizes, put them to the circular or octagon colt forming machine, the pole will be transferred for being hot dip galvanized and back to the workshop to adjust the size regulations before delivery to customers for installation.

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We highly appreciate Ngai Cau Company for their ability of schedule satisfaction. When we needed their products for an urgent order to troubleshoot and repair the power lines, Ngai Cau served to their best. No matter how big the works is, Ngai Cau is always enthusiastic. Their attitude towards customers has helped us gain our clients’ satisfaction. We always highly appreciate and recommend Ngai Cau to other companies

Mr Tran Van Bo
Director, Industrial Power Construction Company

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